Prof. Rui Cunha

Oracle Developers Academy CEO & University Lecturer

Rui is a database enthusiast that has been working with Oracle Database products for almost 15 years, either as an University Lecturer, Oracle Trainer and IT Consultant.

He has been training Oracle Database products such as SQL and PL/SLQ since 2002, helping thousands of students to succeed and reach their objectives.

With a vast experience as an IT Consultant, Rui has also been participating in several international Datawarehousing projects for some key market players.

Rui is now Oracle Developers Academy CEO and founder, a learning community for Oracle Database developers to learn and improve their skills using Oracle database products such as SQL and PL/SQL.

Rui's courses deliver at least 80% of practice contents,with plenty of demonstrations,hands-on exercices and quizzes. He strongly believes that practice is the key of success!

When enrolling any of his courses, Rui's main goal is to provide you with an exceptional learning experience.So expect his support to clarify any doubt or question you may have throughout any course.

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