Lisa Dottoli

Metaphysical/Holistic Medicine Practitioner-Psychic Medium

Lisa has been studying and researching natural wellness for over 10 years and holds a passion for helping people create a healthy life with nature. She holds a degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Holistic Health and 10 certifications of natural wellness that include the following:

Angel Healing
Life Coaching (2)
Domestic Violence Counseling
Reiki (2)
Hypnotherapy (2

Being a Survivor of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Lisa has used the techniques that are taught in her courses which leaves her as "Living Proof" that people are able to overcome the struggles in their lives utilizing these life tools.

Feel free to view our introduction videos or take a sneak peak at our courses that are published! We have much more to come so get ready... get set...goals!!!

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