Rosu Ionut Bogdan

Wing Chun Trainer, Evangelos Wing Chun, Gary Lam System


Studied Wing Chun from 'Gary Lam Wing Chun European Headinstructor', Evangelos Vasilakis.

Evangelos Combat Academy, Certified Instructor

Hi! My name is Bogdan and I am a Wing Chun Sifu.

Wing Chun is really my third martial art and I've started studying it by pure accident. I was looking to continue my karate training, when I stumbled upon my Sifu's school.

I was so impressed by Wing Chun's efficiency and how it handles complicated situations with very simple and direct solutions, that I instantly fell in love with the art.

I knew that I needed to learn this Martial Art as deeply and as well as I could.

What I've noticed is that people find it hard, in the beginning and sometimes after years of training, to make Wing Chun natural. To feel comfortable and confident with their Wing Chun.

Having faced the same problem, I decided to create an online training course that would teach Wing Chun students how to make their Wing Chun very practical, thus accelerating their growth as martial artists.

I have a very pragmatic, no non-sense, approach to teaching and fighting.

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