Ross Barefoot

SEO Trainer with the Search Engine Academy

Ross staged a desperate, and successful, escape from the bicycle industry at the start of the new millennium and has been hiding out in Internet marketing ever since.

Ross grew up in the bicycle industry working in, and then acting as general manager of, Bicycle Parts Pacific, Inc. (BPP), a wholesale distributor, importer, and light manufacturer originally based in San Diego, California. While managing BPP he taught himself programming in 1991 and wrote a full suite of business applications to run that company.

Living in Western Colorado since 1989, In 2001 Ross transitioned to the Information Technology industry by opening the Web development company FLEXISS, L.L.C. He became a PHP programmer as part of that transition, writing web applications for ecommerce, real estate, and CMS.

Since 2004 Ross also taught search engine marketing skills to business professionals and in 2011 opened the Rocky Mountain Search Engine Academy to provide advanced training in search engine and social media optimization.

In total Ross has 30+ years experience in small business management and B2B sales, 17+ years involved in programming, 16+ years in website design and development, and 10+ years experience in search engine marketing, both as a consultant and a trainer.