Rosey Silverstein

Holistic Health Coach

I simply have a passion for nutrition and a burning desire to share with others how to live a life of happiness and true fulfillment! 

My path in wellness started at a young age, when I became curious about herbs and spices, and why my parents said "eat your veggies so you can grow up healthy". Since then I've soaked up every book, every lesson and every educational experience I can get my hands on that teaches about holistic health and nutrition. For almost 8 years I've been guiding clients to achieving their ultimate health goals, including weight loss, gained energy, detoxification, hormonal balance, eliminating pain from endometriosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia, balancing blood sugar levels and reducing the symptoms of insulin resistance and diabetes, and that's just to name a few. 

When my clients are wanting a change and are truly willing to adopt healthier habits, and they're open to receiving guidelines, that's when true magic happens. We use only natural methods and potent anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric and noni (with recipes to make them taste good;)), so my clients have no worry of harmful or uncomfortable side effects! And food is naturally a big part of health so you will not be deprived! The best part of all is that after a consistent week or two of implementing this healthy routine, our bodies are fully nourished and you'll see happiness and true fulfillment comes naturally. 

Please join me as I guide you through turning your kitchen into a health sanctuary. Let's gain health and create healthy habits that help us maintain a lifetime of freedom and better and better health and happiness.   

Stay well, 

xx, Rosey S.

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