Rose Osman

Certified Energy Coach

I considered myself a Life Hack Addict!

It is not the life-hack you always see in the Youtube. This is more than changing a paper clip into a fancy life-hack idea.

My kind of Life-Hack is about patterns of energy in human emotion and mind, and how it profoundly affects the Life entirely. I enjoy observing the mystery of the subconsciousness mind and our unique energetic design. Being a person who have the trait line of Judgement, I also started to hack the deepest meaning of holy books, which I hope one day it can be a transformative reference for people who are still loving their religions and at the same time seeking for spiritual fulfilment.

I enjoy observing all kind of Laws and nature. By now you probably know that I am an Empath.

What are my career and education backgrounds?

I graduated with Diploma in Science. In 2012, I became a Reiki Master. I'm also a Dowser and EFT practitioner with the deepest interest in Science of Consciousness, Philosophy, Spirituality and Metaphysic.

Before I walk on this coaching path, I spent ten (10) years in the Logistic industry under four companies. I started my career as an account/admin clerk and end it in management level. I had experiences covered from accounting to operational and management.

In 2010, I left the left-brain organization and started a right-brain working culture. Of course, I failed half way there. I ended up migrated to Brunei Darussalam and back to work for the left-brain organization.

20 months on the road and I had enough! My Soul wants to break free, and my desire to shift to right brain working culture was sky high. I am glad I listened to the pulse and forces.

What's Now?

Last year, my business partner and I re-branding Your Personal Motivator. In less than three months, we have entered the corporate sector with new ideas of coaching. I also coach individuals who seek to master their inner potentials.

To date, I have coached and consulted clients from across the globe such as The US, Russia, Malaysia, India, Philippines, and Brunei Darussalam. My blog have reached audiences in USA, Canada, Britain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Brunei, Australia, and the Philippines.

What do I do besides coaching?

I write 300 words motivation and healing articles for The Iskandarian, a monthly newspaper based in southern Malaysian. I also blog about Life and Energy.

And when I'm not wearing the coaching hat, I enjoy driving, reading and anything laid-back.

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