Ron Smith

Internet Marketer

Hi, My name is Ron and I am 38-years-old. I reside in the United States and have been an internet marketer since 2007. My specialty is finding quick, simple ways to make re-occurring/automated income via the internet. I have expertise in:

  • - YouTube video marketing (video creation and ranking techniques)
  • - Affiliate marketing (driving traffic to various affiliate offers)
  • - Facebook marketing (PPC advertising)
  • - eBay marketing (unique product and listing methods)
  • - Product creation (ebooks, videos courses, and memberships sites)
  • - And list building (squeeze page and funnel creation, solo ads, ad swaps, etc.)

I enjoy teaching and helping other achieve their goals and now my focus is on sharing what I've learned over the past 7 years as an internet marketer with others.

There is no other feeling like earning an income while I'm playing with my kids, watching a great movie, driving one of my toys, or even sleeping.

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