Ronald T Chirongo

CMS web developer

Ronald T Chirongo is a CMS web designer and developer for 5 years. He began learning web design for one reason…that was to make money charging for websites, which immediately grew from being a simple ambition into a passion and a real business path.

Being a person who never liked complicated coding, he shifted his concentration to CMS web design which was and still is the best way to design powerful websites. He believes that the path to a beautiful website is inspiration and knowledge of which coding is not a must.

Having acquired much knowledge in the CMS field and being involved in a number of projects associated with big and established companies, he started a weekend school that was focused only on CMS web design which saw the birth of great web designers, some of them learning from scratch and end up running their own web design businesses.

Here, he will give you the skills necessary to build your CMS websites and even make money out of it!