Rodney Goodall

Parent and Adventurer

The first half of my life I adventured through forests, mountains and lakes.

I traveled to 24 countries and lived in three and relished the different cultures and ways of thinking.

I also worked hard and went from store man to retail manager of 100 plus people, I specialized in turning unprofitable stores into profit makers using simple strategies that revolved around the people taking ownership of their job.

Then in the mid 2000s my marriage was ended and I discovered that it really is as soul destroying as people say it is, and regardless of the common nature of it, the devastation it causes is significant for those involved.

Ten years later, having recovered, remarried and having moved onwards and upwards, I find myself a stay at home father with family goals that include returning to my youthful nature of adventure. With plans for a world bike ride as a family, shifting to a developing country to see what support we can give and focusing on others, I decided to share what I have experienced and learned along the way so others might avoid my mistakes and become motivated to chase their personal dreams, regardless of what they are.

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