Rod Martin, Jr.

Udemy expert instructor

Perpetual student and perpetual teacher.

Professor Martin has had several successful careers—Hollywood artist with screen credit, software engineer with a degree summa cum laude, published author and first-place award-winning essayist, and college professor in information technology, mathematics and ethics.


As an artist, he worked with Star Wars, special effects manager, George Mather and with two-time Academy Award winning designer, Saul Bass. He has had one-person shows of his space art at the Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles, at the world renowned Griffith Observatory, and other venues.

I.T. Specialist & Software Engineer

As an information technology specialist, he has worked for Control Data Corporation, Bank of America, Ceridian Payroll, Global Database Marketing, and IPRO Tech. He has also created 3D astronomy software, "Stars in the NeighborHood," which remains available online. He has programmed in over 20 languages.


As a writer, he has written both science fiction and non-fiction. In 1983, he co-authored as Carl Martin, with John Dalmas, Touch the Stars: Emergence. In 1994, he won first-place awards for both an essay ("Outsiderness in the Scientific Community," Krupnick Award) and a short story ("Toady," Dutton Books Award). In 2012, he published The Art of Forgiveness. In 2014, as Carl Martin, he published two other books of science fiction, Touch the Stars: Diaspora, and Entropy's Children. In 2014, he published The Bible's Hidden Wisdom, and The Spark of Creativity, and in 2015, Watered Down Christianity.


As a college professor, Mr. Martin has taught college algebra, database development, web development (HTML, CSS, and PHP), computer fundamentals, assembly language, professional ethics, and quality in software development.

Mr. Martin maintains nearly twenty websites, including websites for Rod Martin, Jr., Tharsis Highlands and Ancient Suns, starting in 2001.

Spiritual Searcher of Truth

Throughout his life, Mr. Martin has hungered to know more about the universe in which we all live, including the spiritual side of it all. He has studied comparative religion, including Christian Fundamentalism, Scientology, Buddhism (Tibetan and Thai), Judaism, Kabbalah (Bnei Baruch) and Christ's teachings. He has written several books on spirituality and the Bible.

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