Rockford Tapscott

Marketing Professional and Professional Trader

My two great passions are creating marketing campaigns that produce results for myself and my clients, and trading the stock market.

Having learned from marketing experts such as Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss and many others, I've created a number of powerful systems for helping business owners increase their sales and profits while building their authority, and without coming across as all 'salesy'.

Most marketing is company focused, which is completely backwards. The marketing campaigns I create are customer focused, and designed to actually HELP the customer while educating them and inspiring them to take action.

I started actively trading the stock market in 1996, and after spending thousands of hours studying charts, and thousand of dollars in educational expenses, I have learned the subtle signals the market gives those of us who are paying attention just before it starts to move quickly. These are the insights I share with you in my Udemy technical analysis course.

Most traders lose money, and eventually give up defeated, feeling like they are should have succeeded but not knowing why they failed.

The secret is to find an edge that consistently helps you to find the very start of fast moving, long term trends, and ride those trends for as far as the market will let you.

Achieving this is the skill I want to share in my technical analysis course.