Rob Johnson

CEO in EMPO - Digital Marketing Agency. Certified Google AdWords, Google Analytics specialist.

Hi! I’m Rob Johnson. says, that I need to write here some of my real-world experience (I have plenty of those), but I would prefer to do it at the end of my bio.

First of all, I would like to say few words about you, my clients. Here is the deal - very long time ago, I stopped to treat my clients as customers and started to build a new approach to them. Why did I do that?

If we take a look in Webster dictionary, this is what we’ll find:

customer - a person who buys a product or uses a service from a businessclient - one that is under the protection of another; a person who engages the professional advice or services of another

So, the word “client” - is more personal, more human like. So, I realized that I do not want just to sell stuff to others, I would rather be more like advisor. And my personal requirements to myself as advisor would be higher than as to seller.

It was a turning point in my business. In few month my income doubled, clients became more satisfied, and I started to have a feeling that I’m doing something meaningful in my life.

This approach has been allowing me to work with clients successfully for many years. And we get not only mutual profits, but mutual satisfaction, trust, complicity as well.

I hope to will build such relationships with you. Yes, it won’t be the fast way, but it would be the right way.

Now, let me give you some information about my real-life experience in digital marketing:

  1. I’m co-owner of EMPO Digital Marketing Agency
  2. Till now, I have trained more than 2500 entrepreneurs to raise their profits, mainly using Google Adwords and Google Analytics
  3. The marketing budget of my clients is in range from $500/month to $100k/month

And, of course, I’m certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

So, hope to see you at my lessons and hope you’ll enjoy them!

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