Robin Sacredfire

Author, Researcher and Lecturer

Robin Sacredfire is a Bestselling AuthorResearcher and Entrepreneur with a vast background of experience as University Lecturer and Business Consultant in four countries and three continents, working for top universities and multinational companies. He's also the owner of 4 companies and former co-owner of many others.

As a writer, and under many pen-names, he has published over 300 books on the topics of spirituality, religion, psychology, finance and education, and is constantly referred by many bloggers as one of the top experts on the topic of the Law of Attraction.

He also won many awards in his life, as a lecturer, public speaker, musician and writer, and was interviewed for Voice of America, MTV and Amazon, for different purposes and reasons, namely, for being one of the top authors on Amazon.

Learning from him and reading his books has proven be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences for thousands of people from around the world.

"Thanks to these videos and many of your books I am understanding and absorbing knowledge and wisdom much better now." -Jonathan Breitenkamp (Udemy Review)

"A very knowledgeable instructor. Someone who knows ins and outs of the subject." -Raza Azmi (Udemy Review)

"The instructor is full of knowledge and the course is useful to learn more about life." -Aiste Vitkauskaite (Udemy Review)

"His words echo through my soul. He gave me vision into understanding myself. This has allowed me to explore myself and my goals from a new perspective. This author gave me the perfect prescription to finally be able to see." -Michelle Hoeltzell, DNP

"You offer the most valuable knowledge and have an amazing ability to bring understanding to life. Words can not describe how blessed I feel to have come across your work.” -Matt O.

“Waited a long time for someone to explain it all so well.” -Susan Calebro

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