Robin Hanna

Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

"Robin is hungry for growth and expansion. He has the knowledge and the capacity to implement researched strategies to increase anybody's sales in a matter of days and he proved it multiple times when working with us"

David Braun, Sales Director at DASHRapp

«I couldn't be happier with the results achieved thanks to Robin and his dedication. Any company who is lucky enough to work with him will see rapid, substantial growth"

Maxime Van Rothem, Founder of Jacques&Déméter

Hey there!

My name is Robin and I'm a marketing strategist, Business consultant and an active member of the American Marketing Association. 

I fell in love with sales when I was a child (yep, I'm a weirdo) and consider it a science, even if many despise it and find it demeaning.

I've seen 7-figure-deals get closed in front of me (I even prepared the contracts for them) and I promise you, sales can be pretty exciting.

Fact is : The whole world is and always was Sales. Everybody has something to sell : products, services, themselves, ideas… you name it!

So, when you know how to use psychological strategies and persuasion techniques to convince your potential customer, you've won.

However, you cannot become good at sales without becoming an expert direct-response copywriter, studying and knowing the ins and outs of social and behavioral psychology. These are topics that I LOVE and that made me sign-up to Udemy, as an instructor.

I want to take people by the hand to get them to the point where they get kickass at sales, so they can get there amazing ideas and products to the market and blow everybody's mind.

I created an extremely detailed course on this subject here on Udemy, in which I reveal all the tactics I used to help my clients skyrocket sales the fastest way possible. ( for instance, 12 hours of work resulted in an increase of 633% in sales with one client, which means that I helped a start-up get from 9 000$ to 58 000$ in sales.)

I've helped start-ups build up lucrative sales funnels from scratch, consulted with european businesses which where massively leaking money to improve their online marketing strategy and with entrepreneurs who had no idea whatsoever on how to sell (which is quiet a problem when building a company).

Of course, I'm passionate about many other subjects, on which I plan to create courses : productivity and memory training are just a few of them.

Being native in german and french (I graduated from universities in both countries), I'm going to share my knowledge on these markets soon, watch out if you're interested.



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