Roberto Marquez

Entrepreneur and Passionate Motivational Speaker

Roberto Marquez is a highly successful entrepreneur, diligent business professional, an immensely passionate motivational speaker, and an enthusiastic life coach. Roberto was born and raised in the city of Caracas, Venezuela and holds a degree of Masters in Business Administration and is a vastly experienced Industrial Engineer. Roberto always had a great passion for helping and guiding professional but never thought of pursuing this passion as a profession early in his professional career. After completing his studies, Roberto went on to work for one of the biggest private companies in the steel industry and served them for a great span of time as a Superintendent. Following this, Roberto went on to formulate his own manufacturing company and stepped into the entrepreneurial world of today. Roberto found great success as an entrepreneur, his experience with his clients, employees, and working professionals motivated and inspired him to pursue a career as a motivational speaker.

Roberto then formulated his second company whose purpose was to motivate, inspire, and guide the individuals to a happier and fulfilling life. Roberto offered his motivational speaking services through renowned radio stations and TV shows of Venezuela. Roberto moved to the US at the age of 41 because of the worsening conditions of his country and had to start everything from the scratch. Roberto formulated a landscaping company and spent 9 years in building the company from the grounds up. Through the assistance of his hard work and determination, the company went on to acquire a great deal of success and the company’s revenue enhanced drastically. Moving on in his career, Roberto sold his landscape company and tried experimenting with his given set of skills which didn’t work out beneficially for his personal and professional career. Roberto suffered from bankruptcy and took a drastic fall in his professional career.

This bankruptcy experience left Roberto broken and empty handed and he had to rebuild everything back again from the grounds up. Learning from his mistakes and failures, Roberto became a better, stronger, and humble man and ultimately reached to the realization of the fact that his passion and the real purpose of life was to help people overcome their fear and failure. Roberto decided to pursue his passion professionally and went on to pursue a career as a motivational speaker and became a Toastmaster. Roberto initiated working for The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team. Following his passion for helping and guiding individuals and assisting them in their own pursuit of happiness appeared like a perfect match for Roberto. From then onward, Roberto has never looked back and is currently working alongside one of the best motivational speakers in the US for the greater purpose of helping and guiding individuals to a better and happier professional and personal life        

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