Dr. Robert Niebuhr

Director, American Global Academy

Dr Robert Niebuhr earned his PhD from Boston College in 2009. Originally an historian, my career quickly branched out to include Slavic language, political science, humanities, and English. Niebuhr taught at Boston College, Harvard University, Simmons College, Universidad Catolica Boliviana "San Pablo" and Universidad NUR and has published half a dozen books and as many scholarly articles.

Living in Bolivia Robert met with TOEFL and SAT expert, William Hearn, and began teaching SAT and TOEFL iBT. Having taught many students in Bolivia using these methods, Robert moved to the Phoenix area and opened American Global Academy to help students here gain entry into elite universities and win scholarships.

Niebuhr's test preparation classes not only teach the methods for success on the tests but also lead to the construction of real-world skills that will help ensure success in college. In conclusion, all of Niebuhr's tutorials build fundamentals that go beyond ay entrance exam.