Robert Murray Diefendorf

Why should you study piano with me??!!!!!

Who am I? Why should you take piano from me??
Well, first, the “Resume” stuff, the official bio. Then when that official stuff is out of the way, I’ll tell you the real story.

> Bachelor of Music, Boston University School of Music
> Studied with Ena Bronstein Barton, concert pianist, main pupil of Claudio Arrau
> Studied with Seymour Bernstein, concert pianist, author, pupil of Clifford Curzon
> Studied with Boris Berman, head of piano, Yale University of Music, studied at Moscow Conservatory
> 4.0 grade in Schenkerian Analysis, Westminster Choir College of Music
> Phillips Exeter Academy, Concerto Competition winner, Music Award winner
> Built curriculum and helped lead Westminster Choir College Conservatory of Music gifted program
> Founded and led Small Miracles, a nonprofit that trained high school and college musicians to teach disadvantaged children one-on-one music in central New Jersey. Included volunteers from Princeton University, Westminster Choir College, Princeton High School, Lawrenceville Prep. Mentored Columbia University branch and London School of Economics branch, which was the latter’s first student led organization and won an award.

> Won prestigious Princeton Area Community Foundation grant.
> Author, Release the Butterfly on never giving up on your music, accepted at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts in NYC, and recipient of the JWPepper Editor’s Choice.
> Composer of hundreds of songs and melodies.
But throw that all away. The simple fact is: I love every second of teaching. I especially love helping YOU solve your own musical challenges, on every level, from how to hold your hand, to how to play a difficult phrase, to how to bring your personality into a Mozart sonata.
There is a reason I love solving challenges. You see, I grew up with physical learning challenges- my motor control was subpar. And I had OCD- “obsessive compulsive disorder.” I still have it OCD, it doesn’t go away. But who cares! I don’t feel sorry for myself! For from it. I am very very lucky to have spent a wonderful life in music, overcoming challenge after challenge, and much more importantly and gratifyingly, helping others to do so.
I look forward to hearing about your progress. Please let me know about your triumphs, on every level! I love hearing about it and am excited for your progress.
Thank you for joining our learning community.
This course is about you, not me. I am here to help you grow as a musician and bring your beautiful ideas to life!

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