Robert Kohler

Technical Business Analyst - Trainer

Robert Kohler, PMP, is a Technical Business Analyst and Trainer with over 20 years of experience spanning Programming to technical Project Management. Experiences gained while working for Corporations, Non-Profits, small businesses and volunteering at SeniorNet Long Island.

Technically, Robert has developed client-server applications as well as cloud based solutions dependent on C, Visual Basic, VBA, WordPress, SQL and Php to name a few.

Robert has been providing training to businesses and individuals throughout the entire expanse of his career either as a subset of his main job roles or as the main focus of his most recent experiences.

Some of his biggest training accomplishments include the creation, design and implementation of:

    ·A SKYPE course for SeniorNet, which has been picked up by SeniorNet National and made available to all of SeniorNets chapters.

    ·Introduction to Programming using Access and SQL at the request of the SeniorNet instructors.

    ·Presenting the How to Stay Viable in an Ever Changing Economic Cycle before the IEEE-LI for four years in a row.

Other significant accomplishments include the creation, design and acceptance of the Fundamentals of Database Design course by Hofstra University, the implementation of the SeniorNet Help desk and the recent release of the East End Statuary website.

Always looking to help improve the life of others, Robert has provided innovative solutions relying on his technical, interpersonal skills, creativity and his avid understanding of history from an everyday perspective.

Roberts need to create, design and teach has benefited many companies, organizations and individuals alike and now you can benefit as well.

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