Robert H. Miles, PhD

President of Corporate Transformation Resources

Corporate Transformation Resources has been intensively involved in some of the business world’s most path breaking transformations during the past two decades.

Founded by Robert H. Miles, author of Leading Corporate Transformation and BIG Ideas to BIG Results, and a former faculty chair at Harvard Business School, the firm has established a proven track record of success for supporting executive leaders as they rise to the challenges of organizational growth and revitalization.

The firm has pioneered an approach called Accelerated Corporate Transformation or ACT that greatly compresses and accelerates the process for launching a new direction or rapidly executing a new set of initiatives. ACT is regularly used to support and accelerate the process by which new leaders “take charge.”

ACT also incorporates a streamlined, high-engagement, all-employee cascade methodology, which rapidly creates a clear line of sight between new company-wide initiatives and the job-level objectives of all managers and employees.