Roberta Eastman

America’s Leading Business Management Medic

Roberta E. Eastman is America’s Leading Business Management Medic for Real Estate Investors and 3x best-selling coauthor of Wounded, Survive, Thrive!!!, Ready, Aim, Inspire! and Ready, Aim, Influence! With her 4th book set to publish in second quarter of 2015, The Real Estate Candy Shop. She specializes in transforming real estate investors from hobbyist to business owners.

While taking on the role of transforming other real estate investors businesses through exponential growth she simultaneously increased her own personal cash flow by raising private MONEY of $445,500 at a cost of ONLY $15,310. With cash in hand, she has made 94.72% of her annual financial result and including notes receivable coming in through residual monthly income 107.29%, all while most importantly helping 14 families move in and out of houses, all in less than 9 months.

Bringing 20 years of business leadership, her passion for empowering people to focus and to be fearless in moving forward is at the soul of her relationships. Based on her professional understanding of what gets results united with emotional intelligence, Roberta steers people to define and get the results they want.

As one of her clients famously says…” Working with Roberta I went from feeling like a kite stuck in a strong gust of wind to NOW having my feet planted firmly on the ground. – Roberta is about results…not excuses.”

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