Mru Patel

Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & Mentor/Coach

Having lived and worked in 4 continents and several countries with a long track record of successes in major blue chip organisations as well as new business development internationally. With intrapreneur and entrepreneur experience of over 30 years.

I help you become an Authority and Expert (including on media) to become a celebrity in your field. I have been on the forefront of the internet since pre and post dot com, through it and back again to cloud computing. A proud visionary for open source movement with Sun Microsystems in late 1990s, where the VP Eric Schmidt then left and headed up google to make that vision a reality. I have consulted or worked for world renowned clients in Fortune 500 companies and spoken to audiences around the world, the largest being a Police conference in USA of some 10,000+

Since 12, I had Entrepreneur in my DNA. My specialty is leadership in investing in property, start ups, SMEs, stocks, shares and various companies as a VC or angel investor. I setup my own investment fund moving to Dubai and Romania, which exited over 250% return in three years, as well as other startups.

If You want to be an expert and authority in your field with my specially created systems of PERL, PAR, ACE Branding and various others as well as my renowned leadership, entreprenuer bootcamp and public speaking training.

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