Robert Davies

Weight loss reseacher, article writer and blogger

First off, I should say that I'm not one of those weight loss gurus that has lost 90lbs in six months with fantastic before and after photos. Nor am I some tanned fitness fanatic with huge biceps and pearly white teeth.

What I can say is that I am someone with a real passion for helping people achieve their goal weight, as I realize that sometimes we all need a little help, a push in the right direction. That's why I do what I do.

Back in 2010 I was around 30lbs over weight. Now I know that's not a massive amount but as someone that has always been slim, I was quite alarmed how easy the weight crept on while I wasn't really paying attention. But as with lots of people, the weight I gained wasn't enough to make me do something about it.

Then in July of that year one of my best friends died from a brain aneurysm. My world was shattered as you can imagine. I needed something to focus on so one day at work I had the idea to raise money in his name by running ten miles on his birthday. I knew this would help his friends and family if they all got involved in the fundraiser. So that week I arranged the event and began running.

Over the next few months I studied hard. Learning techniques and strategies to help me take on such a huge challenge. Also as someone that loves cooking (and eating even more :-D), I wasn't willing to give up the foods I loved, so I got to work creating healthy variations. I began designing quick and tasty dishes by using my knowledge of spices, fresh herbs and simple cooking techniques.

This was a massive help I think, being able to still enjoy good food while training.

The funny thing is… Although I didn't set out to lose weight, within 8 weeks I had lost 28lbs. I was amazed! This revelation set me on the path I'm on now.

So my friends birthday finally came and I run the ten miles comfortably. We raised £800 for Headway (The British brain injury charity) and continue to run the same ten miles every year on that day as a mark of respect for a great guy that we all miss.

I really loved the fact that I had lost so much weight in such a short space of time without following any FADDY diet or any really hard training schedule. I wondered why the western world has such a weight problem when I had lost quite a lot without to much difficulty.

So that's pretty much it. I'm on a long journey. A mission to help has many people get the same results as I had by spreading the word and giving as much information as possible to whom ever needs it. A bit like a weight loss super hero (without the muscles )

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