Robbin Arcega

Support Associate at Udemy

I'm Robbin. Bookworm, tea lover, and Whovian. I worked at an independent bookshop at an an airport for a good while, where I served as the kids/young adult specialist. As a result, I've been quite good at pairing people with books. I've also found that I enjoy pairing people with teas. While I'm a long way off from being a tea master, I can tell you that becoming one is a goal I'd like to achieve sooner than later. I enjoy travel, especially on a budget - the only thing I splurge on without question is admission to an aquarium, because sharks are amazing. I've also assisted my Japanese culture/lit professor in one of her many courses at UC Davis, and I just so happen to know more Japanese folklore than any one person should know. In addition to Japanese literature, I also served as a teaching assistant in both French and Japanese language classes for a high school. I'm developing expertise by learning from the experts.