Ria C. Newbold


As an Amazon Bestselling Author, entrepreneur, creative designer and banker for over 15 years, Ria C. Newbold has had the opportunity to impact the lives of many persons. She has seen the word activate through different lenses over the years. Is it related to your gifting/ministry? Your mindset? Your entrepreneurial skills? Your destiny? Is it about bringing to life a dream to now become a reality?

With many years of training, coaching, speaking, and most importantly, sharing with others through real-life experiences, her approach is unique from many others. Ria has shared with many persons that it's no longer time to procrastinate, but, be bold enough to step out and be who you were created to be. It's time to be motivated! It's time to be activated! It's time to create a life of purpose.

Ria is seen as a "Provocateur" who utilizes her ability to bring out the best in people through stirring them up to move from where they are in order to achieve more or even do more. She is also seen as one that is "Unique" for her coaching skill on a practical level; Ria uses her conversational techniques to engage and connect with her audience and has proven to be tailored for the individual while being both intimate and intense.

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