Rik Vanv

Entrepreneur & App Developer

After walking a the pilgrimage to Spain's Camino de Santiago, Rik decided to make a career switch to better apply his strong creative, analytic and technical skills and focus full time on Mobile App Development and tutorial creation.

With a wide range of experiences in life, jobs, education and in teaching Rik has traveled the world to many countries, worked a rich variety of jobs (Graphic designer, Webdesign, Risk Investor, Pilates & Capoeira instructor and many more) and was fortunate enough to study at the Universities of Utrecht & Twente (The Netherlands) and UC Berkeley (California) holding a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology.

Rik is a digital mediapreneur, owner and (together with his brother) co-Founder of Norakomi App Development, based in Amsterdam - The Netherlands, and currently full time dedicated to Android app development, LibGDX cross-platform game development and creating educational material (video and written) for (aspiring) app developers.