Cincinnati Incorporated - eLearn Rick Neff

Manager Market Development

While it appears that Rick is taking credit for all of these courses, in reality they have been created by a team of dedicated professionals at Cincinnati Incorporated.  A team of Trainers, Applications Specialists, Product Specialists, Marketing Managers, Product Managers and Customer Guest Presenters all contribute to the lessons published under Rick's name.  

By the way, Rick is Manager Market Development at Cincinnati Incorporated, manufacturer of press brakes, shears, lasers, material handling, powdered metal compacting presses and software.  He is responsible for finding technologies and markets to position Cincinnati as a leading manufacturer of machinery that is building America.       

          Rick is a Lehigh Engineer. He worked for three Fortune 500 companies applying, selling and marketing technology driven products before joining Cincinnati in 1993.

            Rick has managed Cincinnati's introduction of fiber lasers, linear motor drives, PC controls and modular material handling systems, which are helping Fabricators be competitive in a global market.

Rick is interested in innovation.  Specifically, innovation as applied to bringing e-learning to manufacturers.