Richard Smith-Beverly

Singer-Songwriter,Music Producer, & Teacher

Richard Smith-Beverly is currently a private instructor at the Napoli School of Music and Dance where he has taught hundreds of students lessons in piano, voice, composition, violin, and guitar. The school honored him this year with a plaque for 8 years of outstanding teaching at Napoli. Richard earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he trained extensively arranging for big band, small chamber orchestra, small ensembles, and studied commercial production and songwriting under commercial composer Chuck Butler. In addition, Richard studied for four years at the Baltimore School for the Arts where he received much of his early music education. “I started teaching as a way to give back – for all the knowledge, training, and education that I’d been given over the years,” says Richard. Richard began his teaching career in 2005 at GEGISOM (Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School of Music) in the inner-city of Philadephia. In 2006, Richard was hired as a Media Tech at The Entertainment Source, LLC in Jenkintown, Pa creating music charts for the different company wedding/party bands, updating the company website periodically, as well as creating promotional content and brochures. Richard went on to teach at the Napoli School of Music and Dance in the prestigious Mainline of Philadephia. He became very well-known and well-trained as a private instructor and in 2007 began teaching private in-home lessons in the suburbs of Pennsylvania for Musika Lessons, LLC – a company based out of New York. In 2007, Richard was also hired as a bass soloist for Trinity Church Oxford in the Northeast of Philadelphia and sang there for several years. That same year Richard was also instrumental in helping to create a Music Program for elementary school children that was hosted on Saturdays at Archbishop Ryan High School in Northeast Philadephia. “I love teaching because it gives me a different kind of euphoria than when I’m performing,” says Richard. “Helping my students create goals for themselves and seeing them achieve those goals is very rewarding. It gives me great satisfaction when I teach a student specific techniques and seeing them apply those techniques in their own musical experience. The most gratifying experience of teaching is seeing my students grow as musicians – many of my students had their first musical training with me and to see and experience their progression over the years is the best,” says Richard. In his leisure time Richard enjoys day trips to New York for attending Broadway shows or music concerts. He has travelled to the West Coast for vacations to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Richard has also travelled to cities in the North East including Boston, Massachusetts and Providence in Rhode Island. On a recent trip to New York Richard had the immense pleasure of meeting six-time Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald.