Richard Poth

Innovate Integrate Inspire

My educational background goes back to 2005 where I have worked in the UK as a primary school teacher, ICT Co-ordinator and six years in International school supporting the integration of technology in the classroom. As a passionate educator and Edtech Specialist, I founded AtTech Edu with the aim to provide video training courses for teachers, students and parents, supporting them with technology in learning. I am now back in the UK and have expanded AtTech Edu to provide Coaching, Consultancy and Advise for UK schools as well as Europe and beyond.

AtTech Edu prides itself in offering quality technology support to education by working with schools, teachers, administrators, students and parents. It's aim is:

to support schools with implementing new technologies

to support administrators with productivity & media marketing

to guide teachers with the integration of technology

to guide students to become effective digital citizens

to reassure parents with technology learning practices

With these aims AtTech Edu strives to build relationships that will ensure the eduction of 21st Century Learners.

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