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In 21st century, we call it the information age is all surrounding by information especially digital information. So as we are in 21st century, we choose internet marketing as our career & passion because like bills-gates said:" if your business wasn't in the internet than your business is out of business." Well why we call 3a academy?? We are 3 person that went thru different kind of internet marketing journey and end-up happen to stumble upon each other & started our 1st business journey with online marketing skills that we had learned & guess what!!! Our 1st business venture make $100k in just 2 month by using the internet marketing skills that we had learn thru a hard hard way. So what we did next is we started to run a few online business & make it a profitable business until today. What make us different from other internet marketer?? So if you might be wondering what so different between us & other internet marketer out there...Well we would like to say the only thing that make us different from other is we understand that internet marketing or any kind of marketing out there had to have a formula & this formula we call it - "3A". When into any kind of marketing...we always focus on this 3A formula which is what we call it - Awareness, Attention & Action. The most amazing thing is 3a academy is form by 3 of us as well. Which is Richard Khor, Ryan Lim & Me Albert Tee. Why we Started Udemy Courses?? After making our online business on track so now we decided to share what we had learn from the past & of course what you going to learn from us is 3 different kind of journey of internet marketing. We believe in give & gain so that why we decided to share our experience here with those who value us^^

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