Richard Yanni

Senior Partner, Export Intelligence Agency, LLC




Vietnam War Era Veteran

Masters in Curriculum & Instruction-Educational Technology; Graduate Certificate in Physics & Applied Technology

NASA Curriculum Coordinator, Global On-Line Science Project

Richard J. Yanni is the Founder and Senior Partner of the Export Intelligence Agency, LLC a duly registered New York Corporation in Good Standing specializing in export training and international representation. Yanni has a 15+ year successful background in international marketing, and 10+ years of an exemplary collegiate and secondary teaching background.

Yanni holds multiple degrees from several universities: a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude in Industrial Manufacturing from the State University of New York; a Masters of Art, summa cum laude in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Technology from Colorado University in Colorado Springs; and a Masters Certificate in Applied Physics from Colorado University.

Additionally, Yanni was trained and then mentored on an on-going basis by the Regional Director of the International Trade Administration (ITA) in all aspects of exporting over a multi-year period. As a result of his successes in international trade, he received two, consecutive Gubernatorial Appointments to the Colorado District Export Council that met monthly at the Denver Capitol to advise the Colorado Legislature on how to boost Colorado Exports.

As an international marketing account executive for a US manufacturer of large scale, overhead sprinkler center pivot irrigation and linear irrigation systems [electro-mechanical and digital] used on large corporate farms, Yanni handled accounts such as General Motors of the Middle East (agricultural division) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with major division offices in Jeddah and Dammam; the Jordanian King's Farms at Wadi Araba south of the Dead Sea. This account was handled through the Royal Jordanian Family based in Amman, Jordan; and the largest Massey-Ferguson Distributor in the world based in Casablanca, Morocco, to name a few of his accounts.

Yanni travelled extensively internationally qualifying prospective distributors through on-the-ground meetings with U.S. Embassy Officials and corporate prospects, engaging in contract negotiations with heads of corporations, handling of letters of credit to finance product sales related to distribution agreements, on-going account management, technical and sales training, and warranty support. Trips were made solo, and lasted between 4-6 weeks, several times per year. Yanni also handled accounts for solar-assisted heat pump systems and ultra sensitive, high speed, non-contact electronic sensors in Germany, Canada, the PRC, and other international markets.

When opening new international markets, Yanni worked closely with the U.S. International Trade Administration in Denver and in Washington, DC. He defined new territories and learned a protocol for interacting successfully with the U.S. Embassy Consular staff(s). This translated into multimillion dollar deals. For instance, in Saudi Arabia he landed an initial contract worth $75OK in six months with GM of the Middle East (The Al-Jomaih Company based in Riyadh). Al-Jomaih was ranked 200 on the Saudi 1000 List of Companies, and also was the region's largest Pepsi canning facility. Early the next year, Al-Jomaih placed a second order worth $7.5 million dollars. Yanni cultivated this relationship into total sales of $45 million dollars over a five-year period.

In Jordan, Yanni was the Account Executive to the Royal Family working closely with his counterpart, H.H. Sharif Hussein bin Nasser—nephew to then H.R.H. King Hussein, and cousin to His Majesty Abdullah II the current monarch of Jordan. Extensive travels to reach the King's Farms at Wadi Araba in Jordan took him to the Nabataean 'Red Rose City' at Petra several times, through 'Wadi Musa' (the Valley of Moses), past the Tomb of Aaron, Jabal Harun, or Aaron's Mountain, and into Karak (Al-Karak الكرك‎). Karak is a city in Jordan that is known for the famous crusader castle Kerak. [It was here that in 1188 the Great Muslim Leader and Military Strategist Saladin defeated the Crusaders after a siege that lasted more than a year].

Overlooking the Dead Sea, Al-Karak is the point beyond which a special military travel permit is required to descend to the Dead Sea, and into the patrolled 'security zone' running along the Dead Sea area facing Israel on the opposite side. This was the route to Wadi Araba that Yanni took during his business travels to the King's Farms in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

In Morocco, working closely with the U.S. Embassy commercial staff, Yanni was able within three hours of landing at King Mohammed V Airport, and making his first stop the U.S. Embassy in Casablanca-Commercial Section, to secure a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the world's largest Massey-Ferguson distributor. After touring their facilities and several corporate farm projects around the country [Rabat, Fez, Meknes, Kenitra], he was able to win a joint venture agreement on behalf of the US manufacturer.

In this Exporting Consulting training course, Yanni will teach you how to successfully become an export consultant or increase your skill set if you are already an export manager. Export consultants are in high demand to assist the approximately 57 million (U.S. Census) small-to-medium sized businesses to begin, or expand, their exporting programs. Fewer than 35% of US small-to-medium sized companies are exporting (U.S. SBA). And of those that are, 70% are exporting to only one country. With your EIA professional export consulting help, those companies can either begin exporting, or expand their exporting programs into additional countries.

Exporting is a National Strategic Issue because it strengthens the U.S. economy, creates jobs here in the USA, and positively impacts current trade deficit by reducing it with each export shipment. It is a Patriotic Duty that you will be performing by assisting companies to enter or expand into export markets. This, in turn, will make these companies 'part of the trade-deficit solution' and enable them to contribute as Patriotic Americans to our National Strength.

When you complete this training program you will be professionally prepared to begin presenting yourself as an EIA Certified, Independent Export Consultant (additional certifications are pending at this time). As a former college professor teaching graduate courses, Yanni estimates that these courses are the equivalent of 9 CEU Credits in International Trade.

Finally, EIA is in the final stages of designing a membership-only site that is optional, although highly recommended for the long-term success of all export consultants. It replicates the mentorship that Mr. Yanni received, and shares with you the collective experience of the EIA in exporting. It is essential to your success that, as in all professional endeavors, that you receive on-going mentorship and "stay connected" to a resource and knowledge-base. First year membership is one set fee, while additional years are billed at a significantly reduced, fixed level. We are doing everything in our power to assist you in successfully establishing your business credentials and income levels. And we cannot over-emphasize your contribution to fulfilling a Patriotic Duty by helping US companies begin and/or expand their export programs.

The exclusive EIA Membership Area will contain many export trade and business-related resources, EIA global contacts in over 130 countries abroad, commodity listings, export forms, sample contract forms, contacts at key U.S. government agencies that will facilitate your business and impress your clients with your knowledge and rapid responses to their questions.

Retainer fees paid to you by your client companies are negotiated between you and your prospective client company. However, EIA has found that it is reasonable to expect monthly retainers in the range of $3,000-to-$5,000 per month, plus a small percentage of the goods shipped or services provided (anywhere from 3% to 7%). The EIA Membership Area provides you with an analysis of the costs of retaining export help versus the costs associated with a company hiring a full-time export manager. When you are successful, you may be recruited by one of your client companies to go exclusively with them; that decision is strictly up to you. EIA is interested in your success, regardless of the direction it takes you in; whether as an EIA Independent Consultant for years to come, or as a stepping-stone into an in-house, export management position.

This is an interesting and rewarding career area; and it is in high demand because the U.S. Government Agencies that do an excellent job of assisting companies in exporting are, unfortunately, located in only 18 major offices nationwide, are under staffed due to budgetary restrictions, and geographically isolated from the vast majority of small-to-medium sized businesses requiring export assistance.

We look forward to working with you, providing cost-effective training, on-going mentoring, camaraderie with other EIA members [professionally and with possible joint-venture deals], and reasonably priced membership assistance that puts all of your resources in one spot enabling you to concentrate on meeting the needs of your clients and growing your client base. Through the membership area EIA will also be answering specific questions through our membership-only Export Blog, free professional development webinars, and support.

Inviting you to join us on this journey of building US export strength,


Richard J. Yanni, EIA Senior Partner