Richard M

Financial Trader & Creator Author

Hi, my name is Richard M Author & instructor of Clone Trader udemy.

I have over 17yrs experience in trading everything from stocks right through to forex, which is my main focus theses day.

This course was published in 2012 in paperback format to great response and I am now bringing it to udemy for people to participate online for 2017/18 . My cloning system has made it really, really easy for the home trader to make money from ANY market.

This works across all Markets including the most popular i.e S&P500 EUR/USD STOCKS OIL & GOLD, across 1min 5min 15min 30mn 1hr 4hr Daily weekly & Monthly time frames. 

I welcome you to take full advantage of your 30-day trial and support, and use me! If there,s anything you don't understand or something that,s not clicking, just drop me a line and I,ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Make sure you use this system properly. If it,s not right for you, get a refund and find something that is !

Here are some testimonials from people who purchased the physical course ... 

The info you provide in the manual is great and your system, at first reading, appears sound.

Michael Gawley 

Having devoured your manual and done some general looking around, playing, it looks like it has some potential.

Ian W 

I must say my first impressions of this is that it seems a great trade signal,  hopefully will be trying for real later this week.

Graham Kendall

I have paper-traded 12 times so far, with 8 successes, 2 did-not-start and 2 failures (one of which I an aware why it failed). I hope you agree that these are quite good results!!! Plus I am learning all the time.

Trudy Hullena  

The system is up and running and looks great .

M French 

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