Richard Blonna

President, Dr Rich Blonna LLC

Dr Rich Blonna is a world-renowned expert in understanding how the mind and body work together in creating and managing stress. He is a retired Professor Emeritus from William Paterson University in NJ. For over 25 years he has devoted himself to helping people just like you stress less and live more. As a Coach (BCC), Counselor (NCC), and Health Education Specialist (CHES) he uses the best practices from each of these disciplines to help people manage  their stress.  He is a noted writer and trainer in the area of Acceptance and Commitment  (AC) Coaching, an approach that helps people become more psychologically-flexible and stress resistant. Dr. Rich is also certified in Naikan and Morita two forms of Japanese psychology that emphasize mindfulness and acceptance training respectively. Both emphasize becoming more mindful of stressful thinking and behaving and redirecting the mind instead towards helpful action. Dr Rich combines AC Coaching, Naikan, and Morita with classic relaxation strategies such as diaphragmatic breathing and visualization to help people stress less and live more.

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