Mister Ricardo Daniel Chavarria Martinez

My name is Ricardo Daniel Chavarria Martinez, I was born on November 9th 1994 in San Miguel my father is from Ereguayquin and my mother was born in San Miguel. I studied my primary and middle school at Complejo Educativo Condederacion Suiza and afterward I began my high school at Instituto Nacional Joaquin Ernesto Cardenas, thanks God i finished my studies on December 2012. I kept moving forward so next year I started my high education in Gerardo Barrios university, I am still studying English Bachelor and I am just about to finish my career, it is missing only 2 years for getting graduated. By my 3rd year I got my first job and it was a good one as well, I was working at Agricola Bank as a promoter of the bank accounts it was a really amazing experience in my life but unfortunately I decided to fisnih up my job because I was not having the enough time for keep studying my career.

I am doing my very best in order to get a good job in the future and most important for accomplishing my goal of being an English bachelor.

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