Rhett Norton

Expert in Testing Theory and Digital Optimization

For more than 6 years, Rhett was a consultant at Adobe/Omniture where he consulted for hundreds of companies. Rhett led the Target consulting team at Adobe where he grew the testing and targeting practice. He has consulted for and trained other consulting agencies including Accenture, RazorFish, and Deloitte. He has personally seen and developed thousands of tests and tested across every major industry with the biggest and best online companies.

A few of the clients Rhett has consulted for include: Amazon, Staples, Citi, Kohls, Fidelity, Redbox, T-Mobile, Delta, Adobe, Under Armour, Ford, Lane Bryant, Polo, Sears, Home Depot, Lego, Wal-Mart, Avon, Walgreens, American Eagle, Nordstroms, VideoJet, Chegg, Ancestry.com, Safeway, Williams-Sonoma, Virgin Mobile, Kelley Blue Book, Scholastics, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and many more.

Rhett Norton is a natural leader that is ever challenging companies and individuals to create and reach higher levels of strategic thinking and monetizable success. He is passionate about online optimization strategy and influencing the culture and mindset of the organizations that he works with. He has had a dramatic positive impact on the best digital marketing companies as he has helped them build their testing organizations and prove tangible ROI through revenue driven A/B testing and multivariate testing strategies.

Rhett is a natural teacher and enjoys the challenge and opportunity of helping people understand the optimal way of doing things. He likes to influence the way that people think so they are empowered to think for themselves. In his teaching, Rhett is a master of using analogies, stories, and real life examples to bring complex topics into simple clear views. He has the ability to distill large amounts of information through easily digestible material.

Rhett is always focused on driving success by focusing on the efficiency of each action and challenging the biases and assumptions that impede success. He understands what complex organizations need to succeed and knows how to help them with governance, infrastructure, and execution. He is talented in teaching and can distill complex testing methodologies into simple actions that any company can take. He helps companies work towards best in class optimization and yet helps them to grow where they are currently.

Rhett received an MBA from Brigham Young University. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from BYU.

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