Reuben Davis

Internet marketer and Fitness Instructor

I've been an Internet marketer since 2006 dealing with websites and SEO as well as web design, I'm also a fitness Instructor and have been doing so for the last four years on and offline combining the two together.

I’d really appreciate it when I think that people get value and knowledge from what I have to offer and I aim to try and offer the best courses possible on udemy and to give the udemy community some great and amazing courses to learn from in the future. 

I started in Internet Marketing as a asisstant in college, and then worked  various job for about 4 years. I decided It was time to get out and travel and explore, so I began my second eCommerce online venture and website designing, 
with the hope of building some new avenues and creating extra streams of income.
a Fitness and lifestyle business, through unconventional internet marketing strategies, I grew my business and have since started been able to expand into other fields and emerging internet trends and technologies etc.

My goal is to help students and people online, particularly young and middle aged, realize their abilities to build and run profitable online businesses and stay away from mundane boring jobs that have no value.

Nothing hurts more than watching college kids get thrown into crappy jobs that do away their creativity and gets them nowhere at all. 
So I'm working hard to get in front of them and show them that there's other ways of making a decent living than flipping burgers, and how they can turn a bit of know how into a successful online business venture.

Courses that Reuben Davis is enrolled in