Renee Vlashi

3D Artist, Traditional and CGI, Professional Puppeteer

I started my career in VFX as a Professional Puppeteer and 3D Artist working for John Dykstra, Carlo Rambaldi, Jim Henson Productions, and various other VFX and CGI companies.

Through my many years as a Professional Puppeteer, with a strong traditional sculpting and 3D Art background, I've gained invaluable knowledge, expertise, and perspective that I've applied to my 15 years in CGI.

The last 4-5 years I have been running my own very successful educational programs teaching Autodesk Maya, other CGI programs and their integration, to students of all ages, from ages 9 through adults in the Los Angeles area.

My own education includes a BA in Puppetry in Television and Graduate studies in a wide range in CGI and Anthropology.

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