Dr Ren Lexander

Internationally published author, speaker, teacher

Internationally published author now putting together his first suite of  Udemy course on Trust.

Ph.D. in philosophy of science. 

Qualifications in experiential psychology (dreamwork, Jungian sandplay, Voice Dialogue, hypnotherapy, breathwork).

Black belt in Aikido. Also studied Tai Chi (Yang long form).

Has won and led teams to national-level championships in Ceroc dancing.

In business, he raised many millions of dollars in investment financing. He achieved approval for 1,000-lot development even though the local council was opposed to it. He did this by communicating with the community and forming a team with them.

Praise for Dr Lexander's books:

How to Communicate Effectively (first ed, out of print): “This book changed my life.” “My bible.” “The best book I have bought in a long time.” “Absolutely invaluable.”

Seduction by the Stars: "My all-time favorite book" "My girlfriend used this book to get a guy and now they're married." “This is the Bomb!" "I have bought this book 10 times. Whenever I lend it to a friend, I never get it back."

The Secret Meaning of Names: “I have read many “name” books… but none of them came close to describing the  person…you described 100% their inner conflicts and direction and the  essence of their life path.”

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