Reg Nakoneshny

Empowering teachers by using technology in the classroom

As a master teacher, I teach young men and women looking to improve their technology skill set and leverage technology in becoming entrepreneurial, self directed, life long learners.  As a technology learning leader, I'm passionate about assisting other teachers in using technology to enrich the learning experiences in their classrooms.  I believe learning environments can be restructured to improve engagement, enrich experiences and enhance outcomes.  

My courses involve quality instruction, insight, and my own experience and techniques in modelling best practices. From social media to digital citizenship, from hybrid cyberschools to flipping your classroom. I know multiple strategies to use engaging learners.  I am an award winning Blackboard® distance educator, Apple® Distinguished educator, SIGOL® recognized, and passionate about the inclusion and possibilities of technology in education.

My training approach is unique. I teach my students through problem based, experiential learning.  My time-tested proven methods have helped individuals afraid of computer instruction, making master users out of total beginners or any one with many years of experience who was never taught the engaged technology.

 I bring a total passion for transforming your educational practices in ways that truly prepare young people for life long learning.  Stimulating, thought provoking, motivating and entertaining.  Let's start building your new classroom!

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