Cristan Sector

Computer programmer, analyst and teacher

Hi,I am Cristan.I have been developing software professionally for over 10 years, and I have experience dealing with technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Python, Rails, Ember. js for web and also Objective-C, Java, and Swift for mobile, and many APIs including Parse and social media types such as Facebook and twitter.

Times have changed, the challenges are very different to what they were, but programming remains fun!

I have worked for a number of companies, from startups to large high-profile organisations, in sectors including finance, gaming, media, and travel.

I've written code in at least a dozen different programming languages, and have done everything from back-end services to web front-end and mobile apps.

I always enjoy learning new technologies and sharing my experience with other developers, and I see Udemy as an opportunity to do the same on a larger scale.

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