Rebecca Schwab

Broadcast journalist and voice over artist

I was an award-winning broadcast journalist in the US Military for over seven years, working as a videographer, radio DJ, and news writer in the US, Iraq and Germany. I now work independently as a writer, voiceover artist and videographer. I've voiced hundreds of projects - from explainer videos and commercials, to phone messages and audio books, and even a few jingles! I'm proficient in Adobe Premiere and Audition, and learning Illustrator and In Design.

I have a background and degree in print journalism, as well as a Master's degree in Middle Eastern history from Tel Aviv University. Yep, right up there with underwater basket weaving. Fabulous adventures and friends, though, so no regrets! I recently became a 200hr YA certified yoga teacher and I have a strong passion for fitness, health, food and nutrition.

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