Rebecca Allen

Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher & Shiatsu Therapist.

Meditation Can Change Your Life
Reduce stress, sleep better, balance hormone levels and blood pressure. Develop an enhanced sense of wellbeing and manage challenges confidently.

How Meditation Changed My Life
I first discovered meditation at the age of 12 when I was intrigued by a leaflet on the subject. My parents had separated and meditation helped me to find a sense of peace and understanding about it. I remember that the calm I experienced was such a relief.

I returned to meditation time and time again throughout my life. It helped me to keep an even keel when both my parents were ill and passed from cancer. It saved me when my marriage broke down.

In the last five years I have embedded meditation as a daily practice. Both my Shiatsu and Yoga Teacher courses included meditation which reaffirmed my beliefs in it's potential to support and heal.

Meditation has made such a huge difference, the unmanageable has become manageable, confusion has been replaced with clarity, pain has evolved to joy, isolation is now connection. I have travelled well through emotional storms.

Find Your Sparkle
I want others to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation. I want others to have the power of meditation percolate throughout their lives and the lives of those around them.

I feel that we can all benefit by rekindling our sparkle. To do this search inside, look into your heart. Use meditation as a way to calm the ripples on the pond, so you can see clearly into the depths and reveal your true self.

Meditation is simple, yet powerful and is accessible to all.

I am still journeying, still learning. Journey with me?

Environmental Science, Honours BSc 1994
Marine Science, MSc 1997
Reiki I 2003
Shiatsu Massage Dip 2012
Holistic Massage 2013
Coaching 2013
Yoga Teacher Training 2014 (200)
Pregnancy Yoga Training 2015

The Daily Me!
I live in rural Ireland with my daughters. As a busy Mum and business owner I make sure to find time for fun, adventures, my own yoga, meditation and eating as wholesomely as possible. I adore home grown and home made food, foraged wild foods, smoothies, juices. I've a hot passion for homemade probiotic food and drink too. I like to draw and paint with watercolours, I find it very therapeutic. I do enjoy a glass of fine red wine, an excellent bar of raw dark chocolate and toasting my toes by the wood fire, cuddled up with the kids.

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