Rebecca Clinard

Performance Engineering Solution Architect

Rebecca Clinard is a Seasoned Performance Engineer and founder of PerformanceWisdom, LLC ( She has been active in the web application performance industry for 16+ years. Over the years, she has been using a variety of tools and approaches while honing/defining testing methodologies. Performance testing and tuning is her passion. All of her experience is hands-on, actually doing the work, overcoming the challenges and becoming successful in getting applications to scale to the target workload. She enjoys taking very technical information and evangelizing the technology into easier to understand words, sometimes using humorous real life analogies. She has published a variety of syndicated blogs, making a name for herself in the industry. Previously, she worked as a web application performance engineer for industries spanning many verticals such as retail, financial services, insurance, gaming, and supply management. Her expertise lies in creating realistic load tests and performance tuning multi-tier deployments. She has worked for an enterprise load tool company and conducted POC's on a variety of technologies including HTTP/S, Flex, RTMP, Sliverlight, REST, Web Services, SAP, E-business, HTML5, Mobile, etc. Clinard graduated from University of New Hampshire with a BS in Bioscience and Technology and also holds a UNIX Certificate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Specialized expertise is in tuning clustered java application server applications deployed in unix/linux environments.

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