Ravi Bommakanti

Founder, Chief Instructor, Guide, Mentor at BBITS Consulting

I have the rare combination of hands-on experience in both business AND technology. I also saw both sides of the world, having worked in large organisations AND in IT service providers serving such large organisations. In addition,I lived and worked in the US, Australia, Europe and India to develop wide-ranging global experience. I played varied roles - hands-on business analyst, programmer, design lead, Project Manager, Head of a Business Analysis Center of Excellence and Head of a Global Delivery Center delivering an average of 200 projects yearly.

These rare combinations and rich global experience has given me unique insights and an end-to-end view of business analysis; all the way from a business sponsor to a programmer. I have used these unique insights in Business Analysis to win new customers for IT providers as well as deliver business projects faster and better for organisations.

I am passionate about Business Analysis and always eager to share my expertise. I trained and coached Business Analysts into expert Domain consultants across the globe.

I am here to share innovative ideas, real-world insights and practical tricks to help you learn business quickly, master complex projects, reduce analysis time dramatically and get more from your meetings with business users. I am available to support you as your guide and coach. Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback. I would love to hear from you and would be delighted to help you.