Rangika Munaweera

Facebook Marketer, Entrepreneur

I am Rangika Munaweera, entrepreneur and an innovative Facebook marketer. I have experimented thousands of ways as a Facebook marketer for about three years finding an easy way of making money as a Facebook marketer. I was able to find some best methods, innovative methods of making money in Facebook.

I started my carrier as a Medical Transcriptionist and had painful two years of hard working. Even though it was a fountain of money, I gave it up due to high work stress. I have been doing some marketing in Facebook using traditional methods when I was a MT, but I had to find some innovative ways of making money to make a lot. So I started my experiments and harvested more than I expected.

I am doing full time FB marketing for more than two years and earning money as an entrepreneur. I named my marketing strategy as "Need to be fake." Sounds familiar, isn't it? But this is not those traditional Facebook fake account making. This is an innovative idea!!

I am trying to spread these new methods throughout the world and love to see you earn as a FB marketer.

Recently I began my bachelors degree and doing marketing stuffs in a limited time frame. But still experimenting.

Hope to instruct all I know!!

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