Randy Travis

Professional Underwater Photographer & Videographer

My name is Randy Travis, I’ve been an underwater photographer and filmmaker for about 8 years. After film school I wanted to get into filming nature and wildlife around the world. I ended up shooting underwater stock footage and became one of the biggest suppliers of underwater footage in the world, selling my footage to all the big nature production companies as well as any productions needing underwater footage.

I work on scuba diving boats in different locations around the globe and offer help to any fellow scuba divers having trouble with their underwater photography. I had to learn slowly on my own about the challenges of shooting underwater since none of it was covered in film school. I know the difficulties of getting nice photos underwater, and want to share the things i’ve learned with anyone wanting to learn.

I’ve created this course to help beginners out with what they need to know about photographing underwater. Its a great feeling to complete a dive trip and be able to look back at some of the amazing marine life and scenery that you have experienced. So I hope this course will enable you to capture some amazing shots of your dives.

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