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Hello and welcome welcome!

I graduated from Business school in 2015. I studied, and taught economics as a tutor to my peers. Teaching to my fellow students was awesome. Since I graduated, I want to teach more, teaching has become a passion that I do on my spare time.

I taught economics, both Micro and Macro, to my fellow students since 2013. I was employed officially as a peer tutor to teach one-on-one sessions, as well as group tutoring. I enjoy breaking down complex economic topics and make them easier to understand. As the result, I was the recipient of an achievement award, and finally graduated with Distinction. 

Currently I work with software on a day to day, full-time basis, where the opportunity to teach is rare. but given I truly enjoyed teaching economics, I wanna take this chance to help hundreds of thousands of students around the world, do well in their Microeconomics course.

Join me, ladies and gentlemen... let's conquer economics together!

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