Raúl Martínez

Co-founder and CEO in Ocionalia, Crecer and e4life

I've been always interested in the social and educational world challenges. I´m Co-founder and CEO in Ocionalia, learning spaces, and in “Crecer (Grow), help people understand the world”, and also have worked in other companys and initiatives to try to make people's lives a little better. I´ve been dealing with Educational challenges in countries like Ecuador or El Salvador and most of the time I have delivered some educational and youth policies with many municipalities and regions goverments, and also have implemented training programs, goals reorientation, human management and social impact in them, and also in unions and NGOs.

In an academic view, I´m a multi studied person. I´ve finished my Degree in Geological Sciences, but my social and educational interests became me to study and Expert in Educational process for social companys; pass a few years in a Phd in Sociology of Culture, Work and Organizations, and finally finish a Master in City Management. I´ve focus myself in the last 8 years in orientation and educational problems in Spain and worldwide.

I´m in e4life because i know the future (and salvation) of global education is in the e-learning and mobile devices.