Dr Raimo Salo

Founder and Director of Finland School of Education

Internationally minded teacher trainer with more than 20 years of experience of the Finnish Education System. 

Dr Salo started his career as a teacher working in Finland in international schools. Later he moved on to work as a Project Manager at the University of Oulu planning in-service training courses for education professionals and as a Coordinator at the Department of Education managing multiple national and international education projects. 

His solid background with local, national and international project management has given hands-on experience about different education systems. Dr Salo has got opportunities to give lectures about Finnish education practices e.g. in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

During 1999-2001 Dr Salo worked in the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture in Namibia as a Technical Adviser revising national curricula. Developing the education in Namibia for two years gave him the insight how to give nationwide input to develop the quality of education. 

During October 2015 – April 2016 he has spent five months in Thailand learning more about the Thai education system and also giving training and workshops about the Finland's Education Practices. 

Enthusiasm in developing pedagogics and assessment practices has proven during the years that teamwork pays off! Enjoying of collaboration with other professionals gives him energy to develop the quality of education with other professionals. We really can learn together and from each other!

All of us can improve throughout our careers and develop professional competence, so training courses are not a cost – they are an investment! 

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