Rafe O'Connor

Student studying computer science

Hello, my name is Rafe O'Connor or as many call me, Rafeybacon, I am currently a student studying computer science. I have 3 years of programming experience with Python, yes it is certainly my favourite language, though I have used the likes of C++ and C#. My goal is to be able to teach people who were once like myself, lost in the huge realm of computer programming with so many languages to choose from some easier than others it was difficult to get a good footing. However I want to use my acquired skills and knowledge to help upcoming programmers get a solid foothold in the world of programming particularly with Python.My main audience I try to reach are new programmers looking for the basics to get them set on their journey to become a true programmer and hopefully peruse a career in the field. Apart from programming all my expertise flow around computers in general. However I hope I can help and educate others as well as myself as you always learn something new everyday!

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