Rafal Szymanski

Trying to teach Django in "show not just tell" style.

I provide specialized services and forecasts for petrol companies for 17 years. Started to learn python to automate and accelerate few things in my work 5 years ago. Then I discovered the beauty of logic and abstraction of Python and truly fell in love with programming. I found learning and working with Django is pure joy. 

I've read dozens of books, seen countless tutorials and courses, have read almost entire Django documentation several times but got stuck a million times with the real code. The "A ha!" or "click" moments came always, but often after a long and painful time. Then I always felt it was so simple, why it could not be explained in a simple way? I discovered that the best way to understand something would be if someone showed it to me or drew it, rather than just talked about it. Most of the sources I've learned programming from were based on written or spoken words, which was often not enough for me to understand the subject. Even the video courses I've watched were mostly about seeing the window full of code and hearing a speaker explaining how this code works, but I could not understand it often. I usually had the impression that the tutorial, course, or book show mainly that the author is great at programming, but I received superficial knowledge only, which did not allow me to program freely at all. I often thought I was not smart enough to learn to program and create web applications. At these times, I remembered that I used to think the same way last time, but always been able to solve the problem in the end. When your kid can not count it's not her or his fault. It's teacher's fault and the teaching method. Now I know that learning to program is as hard as teaching it.

There is no reason for anyone to experience the moments of doubt as I was experiencing. There is no reason why anyone would think that she or he is not smart enough to learn to program. That's why I want to help at least a few people avoid such situations and I made the first video course in which I mainly show how to program and how the code works. Sometimes it is enough to change the teaching method. Learning to code can be much easier when someone SHOWS US EXACTLY how it works and what to do.

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